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Gallery » May Daze 2012
Tony Shores 1970 Mustang Boss 302
Tony Shores and crew prepare had to install a new transmission after Saturday's first race, but had it back on the track Sunday morning. Photo: R Dickey
Dave Williams in the #23 leads through Turn 10 at Heartland Park Topeka. Photo: Bill Rinke.
DSCF0078 (1).jpg
Jesse Prather - Elva Courier. Bob Bramlage - Ginetta. Chuck Singletary - Autodynamics. Photo: Bill Rinke
Russ Noblett leads Klaus Selbert, Harvey Kinnard, and Chuck Singletary. Photo: Bill Rinke
Terry Davis leads Wayne Miles under the bridge. Photo: Bill Rinke
Jesse Prather leads Bob Bramlage down the front straight. Photo: Bill Rinke
Kent & Jesse.jpg
Prather vs. Prather as Kent & Jesse go at it. Photo: Bill Rinke
Boss 302 vs. Shelby GT-350
Tony Shores leads through Turn 6 at Heartland Park Topeka. Photo: Bill Rinke
Wayne Miles first checkered flag. Photo: Bill Rinke
Kent Prather leads through Turn 1 at Heartland Park Topeka. Photo: Bill Rinke
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On the grid. Photo: Bill Rinke
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Dave Williams pushes hard to catch the big Boss 302 of Tony Shores. Photo: Bill Rinke
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Note the plate. Photo: R Dickey
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Greg Reynolds has owned and campaigned this original '67 Shelby GT-350 for several decades. Photo: R Dickey
0812 014.jpg
This colorful little Datsun was seen over in the SCCA pits, but didn't compete in the vintage races. Photo: R Dickey
0812 044.jpg
Tony Shores leads Kent Prather into the first turn on Saturday. Moments after this was taken, things got exciting. Photo: R Dickey
0812 043.jpg
Jeff Neathery blasts down the front straight in his '66 Mustang coupe. Photo: R Dickey
0812 042.jpg
The Shelby GT-350 could pour on the power on the front straight, but the light little Elva had him in the corners. Photo: R Dickey
0812 039.jpg
Reynolds and Prather would go back and forth for awhile, but ultimately Elva pulled away. Photo: R Dickey
0812 045.jpg
Jeff Yergovich came out to play with his 1967 Mustang coupe. Photo: R Dickey
Lotus Europa
Paddock Rides - Lotus Europa. Photo: R Dickey
 Lotus 7
Paddock Rides - Lotus 7. Photo: R Dickey
Paddock Rides - Triumphs. Photo: R Dickey