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HVR Rules for Cars and Drivers – HVR Licensing

HVR Rules

To download a quick & easy printable version of the rules packet, click here: HVR Racing, Car, and Driver Rules

The rules packet covers all of the following:

  • General membership rules
  • Driver eligibility
  • Vehicle eligibility
  • Vehicle preparation
  • Clarifications & exemptions of classes
  • Safety equipment
  • Technical inspections
  • Driver etiquette

Original SCCA Rule Books – Click to view or download full PDF file

HVR Vehicle Declaration Form and Tech Sheet

Each year, Heartland Vintage Racing requires a new Vehicle Declaration Form for any car you plan on racing at one of our events. Please download and complete this form, then submit it along with your tech inspection sheet at your annual inspection. 

HVR Licensing Officer and Contact Info

Heartland Vintage Racing
Attn: Kenny Barnett
PO Box 302, Kearney, MO 64060

General Licensing Information

Heartland Vintage Racing is a member organization of The Vintage Motorsports Council (VMC), and adheres to their licensing process.

For an HVR club member to compete in an HVR sanctioned event, the member must hold a current license or be in the Novice category described below, with a valid current medical certification.  The HVR Licensing Officer will have final authority to determine and verify qualifications to compete in HVR sanctioned events.

Other Accepted Competition Licenses

New members to HVR that hold a Competition License from one of the following organizations will be permitted to compete in HVR sanctioned events following an interview and background check by the HVR Licensing Officer, and completion of a Vintage Racing Transition Quiz to emphasize the differences and culture of vintage racing.  Upon expiration of that license, an HVR license can be applied for.

The following licenses will NOT be accepted: 24 Hours of Lemons, ChampCar, certifications from high-performance driving experiences or non-competition open track events.

Guest Driver License Qualifications

Non-HVR club members will be allowed to compete in two HVR sanctioned events per calendar year, provided they have a current Competition License to include a Current Medical, from VMC or any of the organizations listed above, and following an interview and background check by the HVR Licensing Officer.

Exhibition Drivers / Cars

At the discretion of the HVR Licensing Officer, drivers seeking to become competition members of HVR, with period vintage race cars, may be allowed to run with (not compete with) the HVR race group for one weekend, in order to motivate the driver to complete the licensing process and refinement to vintage-legal specifications of their race car.  Consideration of previous racing/high performance driving experience, demonstrated commitment to vintage racing and compatible demeanor, will be factored in the Licensing Officer’s decision to allow an exhibition driver on track for a weekend.  Exhibition drivers will be identified to all racers, and will start at the back of the pack for each session.  Exhibition race cars and drivers must have all required safety equipment, and run on bias ply tires, verified by the HVR tech inspector.  Allowance for non-vintage legal engine and chassis components is at the discretion of the HVR Licensing Officer.  

HVR Licensing Process

To qualify for a HVR competition license, applicant must:

Following completion of HVR-approved racing school, the applicant will be issued an HVR Novice Racing Permit.

As a Novice, applicants will:

    • Be issued a copy of The Ace Factor, the definitive gospel of Vintage Racing
    • Be assigned an HVR instructor and brief/debrief each race for learning opportunities
    • Affix an “X” of at least 10” after their car numbers for the duration of their Novice period
    • Complete seven incident free races (two race weekends) in the Novice Category with HVR in a one year period (unless waived by HVR Licensing Officer). Racing in events with other VMC sanctioned clubs as a Novice are encouraged, but only HVR sanctioned races will count towards the seven required for an HVR endorsement of the license (at the discretion of the HVR Licensing Officer)                   

Once the Novice Driver has completed the Novice program and the car is approved as a properly prepared period vintage car per HVR rules, the Novice will be issued a full HVR Competition License.


Please direct all questions to:

Heartland Vintage Racing
Attn: Kenny Barnett
PO Box 302, Kearney, MO 64060