Vintage Racing Today Documentary Released on DVD

It just seems like a little more than a year ago than aspiring film director and producer Ben Cissell was trying to raise money and interest in a film project that he was doing, which was a high-quality documentary about vintage racing. Turns out the interest and the funding were there, as just before the 2012  holidays the film came out on DVD.

If you haven’t seen it yet, we highly recommend it. It is a well-done behind-the-scenes look at our hobby, which highlights not only the wonderful vintage cars, but the camaraderie and family aspect that most outsiders don’t see. And the racing footage is good too.

The video we’re featuring here is just the trailer, so if it’s enough to wet your appetite, you can get more info and by the DVD at the Vintage Racing Today website. You can also correspond with Mr. Cissell and other vintage racing fans on his Facebook page.