HVR 2024 Rules Updates

The HVR Rules committee had a busy few months at the end of 2023 as they poured over our rules and made some updates for 2024. The club greatly appreciates the time and effort that it took to do this, and we want to thank every member of the committee who participated.

Here are the Cliffs Notes for what was updated:

  • Head and Neck Restraints – all racers are now required wear one when on track with HVR.
  • Novice to Full License requirements – see the Racer Info page for the procedure.
  • Medical Form age groups – medicals are now good for five years for drivers ages 16-35, two years for ages 36-60, and one year for 61 and over.
  • Vehicle Declaration Forms – every car needs to have a new one every year. See the Racer Info page for the procedure.
  • Vehicle eligibility and requirements
  • Approved tires clarifications
  • A-Production engine clarifications
  • B-Production engine clarifications
  • Inclusion of angle-plugged heads for the Bow-Tie crowd.

Want to read and review the full rules for yourself? Click here to download them.