HVR Adds St. Louis Region and Races

Posted on 19 April 2013

Heartland Vintage Racing Adds St. Louis Region

If you’ve missed the recent buzz amongst members, Heartland Vintage Racing is proud to announce that a St. Louis region has been added to the club, as well as two new races at Gateway Motorsports Park. The first race is already underway this weekend (April 19-21), and the second will take place in October. Visit the Event Info page for specific dates and details.

These two events are being hosted in conjunction with the SCCA, and there will be a special set of supplemental rules for the vintage group. In addition, there will be a  total of four races that will qualify racers to be the first to win the Region’s new “St Louis Vintage Road Racing Series Championship”!

There will be Four Class Championship Awards:

VP1 – Production cars up to 1900cc
VP2 – Production cars 1901cc up to 3200cc
VP3 – Production cars over 3200cc
VFSR – All Formula and Sports Racers (no displacement split)

Generally, cars originally manufactured in 1988 or earlier that have been prepared to, restored to or preserved in vintage/historic racing condition as far as possible are eligible for the vintage classes. Continuation model years later than 1988 may also be accepted in vintage if they meet the above requirements. For more information, click on the Event Info page, or contact Chuck Udell  at 636 236 5709 or via email at cuenterprises@aol.com.

2 Responses to “HVR Adds St. Louis Region and Races”

  1. Scott Mckillop says:

    Hi. I was just looking at e type Jaguar race cars on google images. I saw a e type I built and raced for years. I contacted the person who sold it on eBay. He said it was purchased by someone in St.Louis. The car is green with many hand fabricated parts I was wondering if the owner is a member of your club. If so , the owner will want some background on the car. I can provide that. Scott McKillop.

    • webmaster says:

      Thank you for visiting our site and for your comment. We’ve put the word out over in the St. Louis region, so we’ll see if anyone knows anything about it.